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Ceremonies are magical and healing. 
Clear the Past... Celebrate the Present... Create the Future...
Ceremony engages us in non-ordinary reality; it is a deeply felt way to honor events in our lives that we want to hold sacred. 
Ceremony reminds us how connected we are with Spirit and our divine nature,
to celebrate the wonder of being alive.
Feel free to contact us if you have a desire to hold a cermony in your life to mark an important event. The ceremony can range from a fully shamanic ceremony to something more structured by participants.
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I work with you to blend traditions. You may have a sense of spirituality but you are trying to bridge from tradition to authenticity. I will work with you to create a meaningful ceremony based on what is a fit for you. Whatever your occasion, whether it is a divorce, milestone birthday or celebrating life even in times of illness, we will create a profound experience in ceremony.
Each person is unique, your bonds are a result of your personal experiences. We can explore your story together to to mix and blend what is right for you to live a fully authentic life that you are searching for.
"I believe your ceremony was part of the great energetic matrix created around our healing space. I am so grateful to you.."
‍‍‍‍‍‍Mary, Calgary‍‍‍‍‍‍
  1. Ceremonies
    Ceremony reminds us how connected we are with Spirit and our divine nature, to celebrate the wonder of being alive. Create Ceremony for: Honoring Ceremonies, Life Events - new job or promotion, new phase in life, Rites of Passage - males or females coming of a certain age - young people becoming a man or woman Wise Ones - older men and women entering a new and exciting phase of life after retirement, family and job obligations are ended Celebration of LIfe - instead of a funeral, commemorate the loved ones life in a more personal way Coming Out Celebration - Name Changes, or LGBTs who want to celebrate their new path
  2. Baby Blessings
    Baby Blessing is a perfect occasion to honor your child and this journey he/she is embarking on. Families who are not religious, may desire to have a celebration to mark this important milestone to honor their spiritual need for ceremony.
  3. Honoring Ceremony
    In ancient times women had ceremonies for blessing and honoring those milestones in a womans life. Becoming a woman, motherhood, and Wise Woman milestones. They honored the feminine and marked the significant stages in a womans life, honoring and celebration of the journey. Book a Womans Honoring Ceremony for up to 9 women. Celebrate, nurture, build the strength of the feminine by honoring the place each woman is on her journey.
  4. Life Celebration
    Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Even in times of illness or sorrow, it is important to celebrate the past, and the present. A simple ceremony for a loved one who has passed, or a party for the special person during times of illness to show them they matter, we help you to create a ceremony that is authentic for you.
  5. House Blessing
    An exciting milestone in life is moving your home. We support you in making this transition in your life by creating space to release old energetics, and bring in fresh new energies. We also offer Home Clearings, for those unsettling events in life that may upset your home life - we help you to create your sanctuary. Your home should be a safe haven in this hectic modern lifestyle. We help create the energies to support you in creating your sanctuary.
  6. Divorce Ceremony
    In western society so much attention is placed on the celebration of marriage, but often in case of separation and divorce, legal cares are taken care of, neglecting the mental and emotional support needed for one or more of the partners to move on. Where there are children involved, a Divorce Ceremony can support the family in creating new structures, ways of relating, and allowing the children to be involved in a healthy shift in family dynamics.