Wind Haven Shaman

Schedule of Events

Wind Haven is about creating a community where people are concerned for caring for Mother Earth and all her relations. Everyone needs a place for friendship, mentoring, and community. This is a group offering a place where each can discover the fullness of themselves in a caring, non-judgmental environment on our journey to an authentic fulfilling life.

Pre-registration is required for all Events.
We offer Online Events, Live Events, Monthly Meetups, Fire Ceremonies, Shamanic Ceremonies. 

Join the Wind Haven Community Circle to find support, caring and companionship from a nurturing circle of friends.  
  1. Health Journeys
    Join us to explore Health journeying - Are you facing a health or wellness issue and would like to communicate with your body? It may be chronic illness, car accident, weight issues, chronic pain, any issue you are facing regarding your wellness. Health Journeys - we will guide you to hear your deepest wisdoms, energies and any personal messages for you to help you move forward in your life. Cost $20+GST
  2. Labyrinth Walk
    7:00pm - 9:00pm
    Join us at the Silver Springs Labyrinth, we will do a moving meditation, walk the labyrinth, and then enjoy sharing our experience, our insights, and what is happening for each of us. Bring a blanket, a lawnchair, etc we can gather in the park right beside the labyrinth to share our evening. In the event of rain, there is a pub in the strip mall we can do the walk and enjoy a coffee or drink while we share our meeting. Silver Point Pub and Eatery 5720 Silver Springs Blvd NW By Donation (Pay What You Can)
  3. Ceremony at Nose Hill Park
    6:30 - 8:30pm
    Ceremony & Journey at Nose Hill Medicine Wheel An evening of Ceremony and Journeying, join us for a beautiful evening of sharing, and exploration of the other worlds. Bring blanket, water, offerings such as berries, flowers or tobacco. We will meet at the 14th Street Parking lot at 6:45pm and walk to the medicine wheel. By Donation - Pay What you Can
  4. Tea Ceremony
    Join us for a Tea Ceremony to build the bridge between the ordinary and the spirit world. Cost: By Donation (Pay What You Can) You will be whisked away into a special place of ceremony, to enjoy peace and harmony, and set aside your daily worries and cares. This ceremony will be a fusion of the Eastern traditions with the ancient shamanic practices for creating ceremony, an event that must be experienced. We will also show you how to create your own personal Tea Ritual to embrace a few moments for yourself when you need it.
  5. Shamanic Journeying
    7:00pm - 9:00pm
    Join us to experience shamanic journeying - experience what this is like, and learn how it can heal you. We should have time for a journey, discussion and social sharing. Bring a blanket, yoga mat, pillow, for journeying. Coffee and tea provided. Bring a potluck snack item to socialize in between journeys. Eating after journeying helps to ground you for your trip home. Cost $20